I Killed Her. Chapter 2: The Hour


Her lips swirled in a half-way smile when she drank from the coffee. It was the first time she did not make an effort to smile. She looked away from the pouring rain and looked at him, still holding the warm cup. She felt assurance when her companion smiled right back at her. Such a nice conversation, she thought, whilst reading from his lips the language of an intelligent mind. Moment of silence between them followed. The clutter from the morning stress started growing in the café and she baffled innocently: “Sorry, what?”. His flaming eyes fixed hers and repeated “Should we go now?”. That made her suddenly remember why she was in a place she has never been before. She remembered it was raining. “Of course”.  Shaky hand left the coffee down, swift grabbing of belongings, umbrella protection and a taxi were all the next eminent carrier of her thoughts. He was indeed a gentleman.

When he sat on the leather sofa and asked her to make a dance for him, she would do exactly what she has been told. She would wear a wig, something from his favorite musical Moulin Rouge he wanted. She would swirl around the poll with an aesthetical elasticity, whilst always looking him in his eyes as he insisted. The gentleman, whom from that morning one she would liked to remember as, was enjoying his dance and was slowly removing his watch, temptingly fantasizing how he would spent his next hour, unaware of the coincidences that would evolve.  She stopped and leaned before him as he wanted and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.  Still thinking about that coffee.

This hour proved to be a turning point for both in their lives. It would make her feel bewildering sensations of no other kind towards the gentlemen. It would bring her heart as close as to a full devotion. For these three months ahead, I, the gentlemen, would become from her client, her husband and eventually her murderer. And I still do not regret any of them.

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