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The Old World, Chapter 1: The Company

The company went on their trip to explore a distant and small village, in the West of the Old Mountain. Nobody knew anything about that village, except that it was near the border of the ‘other’ land, where it was forbidden to cross. What was rumoured about this village, which also had forbidden name, was that it consisted of four-five houses, which dated back from the period, known as the Great Reconstruction. The residents had moved to a different village, but none of the Wise men could still trace their current location. These villagers would become a myth as the only living unregistered citizens of the United Country.

The company of young enthusiasts consisted of 2 females, 3 males, 2 Superior Intelligence Neurocybers (SIN’s) and 1 Butterfly. They have previously investigated various new locations within the permissible lands, but have never reached that close to the forbidden territory. Anna, Mari, Joseph, Christian, and Mr. Don’t Ask were best friends since high-school. The SIN’s, robots with 12 senses, were the previous manufactured design from Cucumber, a subsidiary of Apple Universe Technologies. The Butterfly, mesmerizing data processor, was named after a mythical creature.

So the company went to discover probably the last remaining unexplored residential places from the Old World…