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I Killed Her. Chapter 4: The Wedding


The wedding was everything she hoped for and nothing I expected.

To be honest, I have never expected I would fall in love in a hooker, especially in a new hooker as I had heard she was. But there it happened, spontaneously and tenderly, as was the pouring summer rain on the day we met. When we escaped from her lair an hour after, for reasons I had not have time to think about, we actually started running away from our life. We felt the urgent need to follow the instincts of what seemed to be two perfect strangers.

Her job was eminent in town, where divorced men like me found a perfect manner to redeem their nostalgic or painful past with casual sex. My job was in a bank, where not many loose women like her would used to deposit their earnings with any wise intentions for their future life. Yet, we did not meet due to our jobs, although they somehow intercepted each other. We actually met in the café where I, as a gentleman, would offer her the only spare place. When she looked hesitantly with her lusty eyes, I was overwhelmed with the very first connotations of a feeling I have long forgotten…

Standing in the small altar in the beautiful wooden church, I looked at her eyes and saw the same dazzling happiness. It reflected mine. She was so nervous that she tried to conceal it with an inner innocent smile that made her look like an angel which has just fallen on earth. But what I was overwhelmed by was her soft and delicate touch. She infused me sensations of no other kind which I still cannot explain. There were like an energy, abundantly evoking my deepest lust to actually feel something. She made me feel alive.

I did not have any clue, while saying “I do”, that those beautiful eyes, this vivid flickering of an innocent butterfly would die before me and because of me and that I would repeat those words over her deceased body saying …

“I do love you”.