Clock hair, blue eyes”. He was listening to old song of Dicho and felt how he was gradually revealing parts of his life in the lyrics. The story shortened? A while ago he had lost the love of his life, because of the overwhelming frantic inability to be with her and now he was drenched in the melancholy of the past. His name was Emil, hers – Lily.


Emil and Lily had a great life together. Two years, in which he replaced the father of her children and in which she succeeded after long and wearing search to find a real man next to her. Time, during which they could not see enough of each other as they wanted more and more to enjoy their infinite love. Unfortunately, every good thing has its end and the fairytale was over after these two years. She was 39 and he – 29.

I can tell you the whole story, for I was a straight witness, but I won’t. Because they found a way to begin the fairytale again. What I want to tell you is how he made the miracle possible: To turn back time…


Several months have passed since their separation, back then, when they saw each other in front of her apartment and when she said “This is the best for all”. He could not forget her. Lily was the love of his life and with every following day his heart would be thickened in a smaller ball. I understood that she had gone back to her husband but I could not find the strength to tell him. Emil did not want to know what was happening to her. He wanted to be with her. “One day we will be together”. There was something alarmingly truthful in that sentence. On the next day he was gone.

Few more years went by during which he wrote to me periodically. All the letters, which I still keep, are in this drawer and all ended with “We will be together”. He was then 35 and she was 45. This is the letter that changed everything:

Hello brother,
I just want to tell you one thing:
I am with Lily! I made it!
We are now together.
Yours, Emil

My sudden joy was put out by the fact that it was not true. Lily had long gone to live in another country with her husband. I knew that.


I felt an urgent pain from the aroused unawareness why he was lying to me. He continued to send me letters with what they were doing, how they and the children had a wonderful family, how they would build a house in some years, how “today she looked at me and in her eyes I felt the endless love and security that made me love her even more.” I started wondering if they were really together. I really wanted to find him and see him, but what was I supposed to say? How was I supposed to look at him? He had probably found a new family, but lived with the image of the family he ever wanted. Therefore, I decided not to tell him and replied to the letter with the same joy, saying “how much happy I am for you, brother!


He must me know 50 and she – 60. Their children had already graduated and left on their own path and visited them often in their house. I am very happy for him. Honestly, I beloved his family sincerely. We did not stop sending letters and every day of his was a day of mine. Until once when he wrote to me that I “should stop, my brother, you have to move on to your path.

I startled myself from these words. There was something familiar about them, as if I had heard them before. Here is the letter. Here are all the letters. Here is his all life. Here’s the other letter. Here’s my hand…

…my handwriting.


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