I Killed Her. Chapter 3: The Run


They started running. Running away from the scene and running away from the past. Their breaths were chasing each other, ever more vigorously and more uneasily. He was holding her hand firmly and was thinking how he would never let her go. She was holding his hand and was procrastinating in her will to run, wanting just to stop for a second and to embrace him with all her body as she had been supposed to.


It started with a nervous but sweet coffee and finished in her apartment with her approaching him slowly. She was just about to unbutton his shirt, when they heard an alarming and heavy three-time knock on the door. She looked at him terrified. He looked at her. They both melted in a frozen posture that reminiscently made him aware of the purpose of the mysterious knock. Her eyes looked down as if she was letting him go. He felt an urge for reaction. His touched her face delicately, raised her chin and said: “Come!” Swift catch of cloths, heavier knock on the door, dusty curtain opens, light comes in and an escape from the window to a short lasting future.


Running in the heavily poured with summer rain streets, they knew they fell in love with each other. They knew also they were waiting for such run all their lives. Fear should have been eminent in both pairs of eyes but it was substituted by the sudden and abrupt meeting of their hearts during that last hour.

We got married in a small village two weeks after. It was the happiest moment in our lives. After the wedding I, the gentleman, the running man, the client in the café, was just about to find out why I would kill her.

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