I KILLED HER. Chapter 1: The Fifth Companion


Coffee. Insomnia. Relentless pain.

Those were the three inseparable companions in the last three months of her life.

What she wanted during that time, she did not care about. She cared for nothing anymore. Her crushed by tons of raining needles heart was trying to rejuvenate at the start of the New Year and she could almost sense the freedom of being a child again, unconstrained by any flinch of the eyes or by any voluntary remark. She dreamed of a heart as pure as a feather.

The first was her revival from the morning darkness. She would taste it with such delight as if she wanted to suck the life within it. The second kept her from falling asleep again as she always imagined fighting hopelessly with the morning that brought only the bitter solemnity of her life tomorrow. The third one was now part of her. She would let it pass through her every day, so she would need the others on the next one. This condemned circle evolved through time from a hidden adversary to an apparent good friend, whose accomplishments she would feel happy with.

Yet, there was the forth, the old acquaintance she had exchanged curtsy with and whom she would invite to her place every now and then, submissively and nonchalantly. Never wanted, he served her well, always pictured as the spare button in her torn jacket. She could remember of him nothing but the shape of the bald superiority on the background of her star-lighted ceiling.

Her fifth companion killed her. It was a strange coincidental occurrence that merged the last drop of faith and the first drop of an upcoming rain she could not foresee with all the poignant senses that were abundant in her body.

It was me.

  1. Бг автори на английски *усмивка* Не знам защо този език има такова очароващо влияние върху мен! Или може би защото съм “зелена” в блогърството и се впечатлявам от малките нови неща… Както и да e.

    This was bloody awesome! A reader sinks in the emotional world of the female character, and last line shocks and intrigues with tension to the questions “why? how?”

    Третият абзац от горе надолу ми е любим!

  2. Мерси наистина *няколко усмивки*.
    Специално ще трябва да измислим историята около третия абзац скоро?:)

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