Chocolate of Discord

Chocolate of Discord

This is how the story of our Main hero could be described. A story, drenched with many questions and…a chocolate.

It was a cold November morning and the last remaining birds were flying away from their last home. They would not come back. They could not find their way back home. “Or they just do not want to come back”, thought our Main hero. ‘Maybe they do not want to, they do not have anything to do here…” he clipped and turned his view back to his lofty room only to see the familiar surrounding: one electrical heater, one mattress, one old bureau and one old typing machine with a ribbon on it. Our Main hero is not a writer. He is one of those, who believe that being a writer means not to write, but to describe. He described everything which could not be otherwise seen, heard or felt. He believed that everything had a soul, beautiful and unconstrained as a butterfly. Everything, but the chocolate.

But this November morning proved to be different from the last ones. Our Main hero decided to escape from the town he despised since the moment he had come here. He would fly away with the birds somewhere south, where his thoughts were going to find new horizons. In the end of his painfully familiar horizon always stood the reason he had come in the town. Our Main heroin.

“Get out of my life!” he screamed with unexpendable flow of fury and anger in his voice. He was looking at her, but he could not see her. His words resounded impeccably in the lofty room and it almost seemed insulted some birds, which flew from their comfortable position on the window edge. Then he calmed, tried to breathe deeply the condensed air and said: “You will never wipe out the pain. Never. Get out.”

Her eyes were drenched in an ocean of solemn grief and shivering, she could not look at him. But she produced no sounds. She took her jacket, turned back and with timid steps headed towards the door. She expected him to stop her. She knew that he could take away with one word at least a small part of the infinite sorrow in her heart. But deep there, the heart realized she would not hear it. She could not hear any of her countless thoughts. She had no where to go and she did not want to go anywhere. Her heart beat as if it was before a precipice. Her whole soul wanted to turn around and look at him and throw herself in his embrace. Just like before.

Suddenly it all died down. One cannot hear even her breath. She turned back and her eyes met his.

She could not stop looking in his eyes. The sun was shining with its indescribable joyfulness. It was neither too hot, not too cold. They loved such weather. They loved also the park behind their new rent. It was their second St. Valentines. She took his hand, bitted gently her lips in a quick thought and whispered: “I have a surprise for you.” He stooped their walk and with a smile, whilst looking at both her eyes and hair, replied: “And I have for you.” She looked at him with unhidden joy when she received her favorite chocolate. With a ribbon on it like a butterfly. She loved it. “I’ll keep it”.

The following cold morning, our Main hero came earlier from work to see our Main heroine sucking the penis of his friend, smeared with chocolate. The ribbon was torn and thrown next to the typing machine. It is still with ribbon.

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